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Hello! I’m +Buster Benson. Welcome to my super rough notes. My personal website with ever-so-slightly more organized thoughts is over at but I wanted to try something a bit more chaotic and unpolished for a bit. Fair warning: it’s not going to make sense. Hefty skepticism is fully warranted. Inline comments are welcome.  

I’m looking for a new, untethered way to organize thoughts in some spatial dimensions that aren’t by chronology or topic, but more around how function in terms of connecting me to my own intuitions, the world, and to communities. It’s a work-in-progress, so for now you get this random pile of rough notes loosely organized. 


Recent notes

January 2021
  • 26th: I found an old blog and added some entries that I think were formative for my early career and way of thinking to the notes site. Scroll down to the bottom. This is the post (Build reputation, avoid credit) that I was looking for that eventually let to me finding the blog.
  • 25th: I found the full text of my 2003 NaNoWriMo novel that I thought was forever lost on an old dead laptop. It starts here

September 2020
  • 1st: Launched the monthly challenge on the new +750 Words V2 site, which about 20 people are now using regularly. 

July 2020
  • 4th: Full buck moon, lunar eclipse, aphelion
  • Realized my update to 750 didn’t quite fix the Very Annoying Bug as well as I had hoped. Back into the trenches of trying to understand memory leaks and race conditions I go.
  • 3rd: Updated (private alpha currently, ping me if you want to help test it out) with a fix to a very annoying memory leak issue that had me stuck for over a month. Daily active writers is around 8-10, so still a super small group.

June 2020 and earlier…


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