Values for Living
NOTES / Values I try to hold myself accountable to

  1. I value cultivating and articulating a clear vision for my life, standing behind it, and reviewing it often enough to make course-corrections along the way.
  1. I also value allowing space for distractions and contradictions to appear that might challenge or shift the vision.
  1. I value composing Annual Reviews around my birthday every year.
  1. I value practicing the art of productive disagreement when in conversation with people who have different perspectives from me.
  1. I value trying to avoid labeling groups of people unless they explicitly request it.
  1. I value speaking and being my word.
  1. I value being direct but kind and speaking up when I feel something is wrong, even if it potentially disrupts the peace.
  1. I value being the change I want to see.
  1. I value not dilly-dallying if something needs to be done.
  1. I value having good intentions towards people I directly or indirectly impact.
  1. I value de-magnetizing myself from cultural identities I’ve inherited by asking, “What if I didn’t have to be masculine?” “What if I didn’t have to be successful?” “What if I didn’t have to change the world?” “What if I didn’t have to be an expert?”
  1. I value being the maker of my own meaning.
  1. I value making my own advice after consulting others, and then taking it.
  1. I value not feeling sorry for myself and avoiding competitive suffering.
  1. I value rallying others with my vision, even if it’s not perfect.
  1. I value staking my reputation on my better self, then striving to live up to it.
  1. I value living with the consequences who I am, even if they were unintentionally harmful.
  1. I value managing my stress, health, and clarity by consistently eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep.
  1. I value savoring my mistakes so that I can learn from them.
  1. I value retrying things I don’t like every once in a while.
  1. I value going slow, working hard, and avoiding shortcuts.
  1. I value cultivating quality time with myself, with others, and with my interests.
  1. I value facing things that make me uncomfortable, to learn about the fears I'm holding inside the discomfort.



  • Feb 2022: Minor revisions and re-archived this list on Github.
  • May 2020: This doc. Changed from “I should” to “I value”. Added the value around de-magnetizing from culturally inherited identities. Added a value around intermittent-continuing.
  • May 2016, 2017, 2018: No change to these, mostly changes to the beliefs.
  • May 2015: Added “I should face things that make me uncomfortable.” and changed the “musts” into “shoulds” for some reason.
  • May 2011 and 2012: Just some small tweaks in 2011 and 2012.