750 Words V2
NOTES / What's new with V2?

  • What is this? I’ll keep it super simple and just keep this doc updated with the latest changes and news and thoughts happening as V2 is being built. Feel free to add comments or questions.

Latest update: 

  • November:
  • Added badges for the Epic Trilogy (500k words written) and NaNoWriMo (writing 50k words in a month).
  • Added current badges to the post-login screen. Let us know if you like it or not!
  • Invited a bunch of new people because V1 was down for a day. Welcome!
  • October:
  • There’s now a ✏️ icon on metadata pages that allows you to fix typos, and archive metadata that you don’t mean to create.
  • September:
  • Working on upgrading Tiptap, which is the framework I’m using for the composer (the thing you type in that formats text and allows some formatting. 
  • Fixed entries to properly display all international characters.
  • July: 
  • Playing around with a “word of the day” on the post-login page.
  • Added a way to resend email confirmations (finally!)
  • Fixed the problem with the dark theme getting reset after logging out
  • Added “mindset” to the entry stats page, and labels to the charts
  • Added a banner for when your “Free trial” is running out
  • Changed the subject line of daily nudge emails when you’ve already completed your writing
  • Fixed the “Cheat Days” feature so it actually opens now
  • June:
  • You can browse months from profile pages, and see your streak by hovering over days.
  • Re-arranging some of the archive pages to make them (hopefully) a bit more intuitive.
  • Profiles will now indicate if they’re a V1 or V2 member. 
  • March: 
  • Added a search box to the account page.
  • Added an export button to the monthly entry page.
  • Added links to metadata on the entry stats page to list all other entries that used that metadata.
  • Added a “protect your streak” option to the account page that will patch your streak for one missed day. Also hinting at future features around scheduling days off and vacation days.
  • Added writing streak to the compose page so you can get a better idea of how many days you’ve written in a row as motivation.
  • Added 2 new badges, the Novella and Book badges for 10K and 50K words written, respectively. 
  • February:
  • Putting the finishing touches on a way for people to get a series of prompts when they first join the site. 
  • January: 
  • Added 4 new badges for simply showing up and writing any number of words. They are triggered at 100 days, 1000 days, 2000 days, and 3000 days. I will likely add some badges in between these, but wanted to get the major milestones in there first.
  • December: 
  • Starting to work on groups, which is a big big request over the years. Basically the ability to pair 750 Words with classes, courses, and other challenges. If you have thoughts about this stuff feel free to leave a comment here.


Todos and known issues:

Email support@750words.zendesk.com with any feedback and issues you don’t see listed here.

Recently fixed (please let me know if you are still seeing these problems)
  • July 6th: Entries were not saving properly the first few hours of July 6th
  • July 6th: Safari lagginess issue part 2 (happens when passing 750)