Rough Notes Loosely Organized

👋 Intro

Hello! I’m +Buster Benson. Welcome to my super rough notes. My personal website with ever-so-slightly more organized thoughts is over at but I wanted to try something a bit more chaotic and unpolished for a bit. Fair warning: it’s not going to make sense. Hefty skepticism is fully warranted. Inline comments are welcome.  

I’m looking for a new, untethered way to organize thoughts in some spatial dimensions that aren’t by chronology or topic, but more around how function in terms of connecting me to my own intuitions, the world, and to communities. It’s a work-in-progress, so for now you get this random pile of rough notes loosely organized. 

Loosely organized

Living well


  • On productive disagreement
  • On sensemaking, the meaning crisis, mythic realm, etc
  • On reading tarot, the book of changes, etc
  • On things I’m reading/studying
  • Writings from various places

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  • On the art of productive disagreement

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