Land Kit : Free BETA

Land Kit 1.0

Coming Soon!

This November. Watch for us at the ASLA conference in Nashville, TN.

Land Kit leverages the power of computation and algorithmic design for landscape.

Land Kit is a compilation of digital design tools and templates to help landscape designers to design more efficiently and fluidly. All in 3D.


Plant Kit

Topo Kit

Paving Kit is a tool set for making paving design easier. By defining areas, patterns, and color rules, Paving Kit will help with designing, drafting, and modeling your paving for CAD or rendering. 

Plant Kit is a powerful platform to make planting design easier and more site-specific. By defining environments, areas, plants, and rules, Plant Kit will help keep track of the complexity, helping to layout and visualize your planting design for CAD, Revit, or rendering in Rhino, Lumion, or Enscape.

Topo Kit will change topography design forever. By easily creating and modifying topographic features in the landscape that help to define topography, you can avoid the sticky problem of relying on elevated contours to create and revise models. 

How it works

Land Kit runs as a plugin for Grasshopper, the popular parametric design plugin for Rhino. Simply install the single Land Kit .ghpy file in the Grasshopper components folder and enter your license key when prompted. 
(Windows Only)

Grasshopper >
Rhino >


Land Kit is a bridge between algorithmic design and landscape design

🧙‍♂️ About us

Land Kit is created by the LANDAU Design+Technology founder and digital wizard, Chris Landau and his team. With 11 years of experience with 3D and computational modeling and visualization at OLIN, Chris has a strong sense of what can help landscape designers to flourish in a digital environment.

We have had a great development partner with the landscape folks at Mithun in Seattle who have been brave first-adopters/testers of Plant Kit. Their insights have been really amazing and they continue to ask challenging questions.

🚀 Need help? Hire us.

We can help your firm get started with Land Kit through training or test projects. We also provide a full suite of other landscape-related services including:

  • 3D modeling (with Land Kit of course)
  • Rendering (Lumion, Blender, and more)
  • Animation (3D, Motion Graphics, and Editing)
  • Parametric Design (Tools for faster iteration)