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Plant Kit is a Grasshopper plugin created to make planting design easier and more site-specific. By defining environments, areas, plants, and layout rules, Plant Kit will help with designing and visualizing your planting for CAD, Revit, or rendering in Rhino, Lumion, or Enscape

What should this tool be used for / what can this tool do? 
Plant Kit is a parametric planting design toolkit that aggregates plant data from specific plants and analyzes landscape conditions—sun exposure, slope, path proximity, and more—to create site-sensitive, iterative, data-driven planting designs. Through Plant Kit, designers can create plant mixes that respond to topography, create custom drifts and patterns that integrate with plant mixes, create and define plant niches and micro-climates, and create planting designs that respond to unique site conditions, such as existing vegetation, shade cast by surrounding structures, and gradients of salinity. 

Through Plant Kit, designers can set parameters for the number of plants they want to use throughout the site, where regions these plants should be planted, select for special plant attributes, and create an infinite number of iterations.

INSTALL Plugin (requires license key)

Quick Intro

This quick video gives you a quick intro into a general look at Plant Kit.

There are some key things to understand about Plant Kit:

  • Plant instances are created with some basic attributes.
  • You can also define plant Niches, a
  • Plant instances are added to Area instances so that plants can be coordinated.
  • Two main types of adding plants are by defining plant locations explicitly or by filling the remaining area.
  • When adding them, you can constrain the plants to their niche or add them directly if already know they are in a good niche.



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The Plant Kit Component Reference will show you all the inputs and outputs for all the components. Studying outside of Grasshopper. Easily reference study this list of components on your phone. See the icons and component features in one glorious stream.


Plant Kit FAQ