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Red Dots indicate pro components.


add curb cuts
Adds curb cuts to collection of curbs from curb cut centerlines. Also returns ramp features.
  • <C> : Collection of Curb instances to add curb cuts to
  • cut_cls : Centerlines of curb cuts
  • width : Width of main ramp
  • run : Run distance of main ramp
  • flare : Width of each side of the flare
  • curbs : Curbs with added cuts
  • ramps : Ramp objects to add to your topo
  • preview : Preview of the new ramp outlines


add to geo set
Adds geometry to specific categories of a geo set for topo. ie contour curves, spots, etc
  • geo_set : Existing geo set for topo. Will make a new one if nothing is input here.
  • contour_curves : Contours as elevated curves. Open is okay, tiny polyline segments may be bad.
  • spots : Spots as elevated points.
  • breaklines : Curves. Similar implementation as the contours, with some subtle differences.
  • other_geo : Meshes or Breps that describe a topo zone.
  • mendlines : Curves drawn between contours that will help reduce sawtooth meshing at steep grades. Use sparingly
  • boundaries : Curve boundary of the areas being created or modified.
  • <GT> : Geo Set with your additional geometries


create area
Creates an area class, a material zone, described as a mesh, trimmed surface, or closed curve.
  • geometry : plan area as defined as a flat closed curve or trimmed surface
  • dist_tol : distance tolerance for creating a mesh - default .01
  • edge_tol : edge tolerance for creating a mesh - default 5
  • layer : name of the layer the area should be part of
  • color : area color
  • <A> : Area Instance
  • mesh : flat meshes