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Paving Kit is a Grasshopper plugin for making paving design easier. By defining areas, patterns, and color rules, Paving Kit will help with drafting and modeling your paving design. Paving Kit stands out by creating smooth patterns and custom pavers which process relatively quickly, translating designs into 3D space while maintaining their dimensions allowing for accurate visualization of a paving area. Its applications to paving, façade design, planting patterns and more make Paving Kit a powerful tool for any pattern designer.

The goal of Paving Kit was to create a set of tools which used the basics of paving pattern generation to make a dynamic tool set with a range of applications. The basics of Paving Kit uses color rules and attractors to create customized patterns across sites small and large. The primary paver generation tools has a variety of embedded paver styles which can be used, but there are also a series of components which allow you to draw a custom paver with curves which will automatically repeat across your paving area. The outputs allow you to use a variety of geometry types for creating 2D or 3D pavers which you have the option of elevating to a 3D topography. We are also building documentation tools to help break down complex patterns making implementation easier and more legible.

The power of this algorithmic design approach is amplified by Paving Kit’s flexible outputs that you can use to quickly and easily translate your designs to documentation and visualizations using your preferred workflows in CAD, Revit, Rhino, Lumion, and Enscape.


A short starter video + workflow overview.
Documentation for all of the current Paving Kit components. 
Resources for Paving Kit learners who are just getting started as well as those advanced enough to be developing their own Paving Kit workflows.
An introductory course to the basics of using Paving Kit including the data rich geometries at the core of Paving Kit: areas, color rules, patterns. You will also learn the basics of how to set the relationships between these geometries that will make your paving design dynamically responsive to your design vision .
Templates organized around a diverse set of paving objectives that you can adapt for your own projects. These templates address workflow 
Does your site need the appropriate topography for your paving design to sit within? This introduction to Topo Kit covers the basics.
A collection of grasshopper tutorials specifically curated from around the internet to support your Paving Kit learning journey. 
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