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This series of modules will cover the basics of Topo Kit for Grasshopper in Rhino. The example files will show how you can draw geometries in Rhino and reference them into a Grasshopper file to start building and modifying topography using flexible combinations of contours, spots, breaklines, walls, curbs, and curb cuts. They can be watched here on this page or as a playlist.


Course Modules

Part 0: Example Files How To 
7 min
  • General overview on how we set up our example files
  • A few tips on starting to use them

Part 1: Topo Kit Basics 
24 min
  • Topo from contours
  • Designing walls along with topography
  • Topo Areas

Part 2: Modify Topo
3 min
  • create topo from geometries in Rhino
  • discretely modify topography

Part 3: Create and Draw Areas
6.5 min
  • Create areas
  • Draw areas as meshes or surfaces projected to the topography

Part 4: Walls and Curbs
7 min
  • Creating and manipulating walls and curbs
  • Creating Curb Cuts with simple inputs
  • Drawing Curbs and Walls as Masses

(Land Kit version 0.112)


TOPO101 Module 0: Example Files How To

Get a quick tour of how we are formatting our example files for this course.

This includes:
  • Labeling and Label Colors
  • Land Kit Version
  • Geometry Pipeline - Referencing geometry from a Rhino layer
  • Land Kit input/output strategies
  • Preview Component (with a color swatch)
  • Toggling Preview on and off (CTRL Q)