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Use the table of contents to the left (the tick marks) or CTRL F to find what you are looking for.
Red Dots indicate pro components.


add color rule
Add paving color rule to an area
  • <A> : Area to add color rule to
  • <C> : Color rule (as list)
  • <A> : Area with added color rule


add custom pattern
Add custom paver shapes as curves to an area
  • <A> : Area to add custom pavers to
  • pavers : paver_curves
  • <A> : Area with custom pattern added


add pattern to area
Add a paving pattern to an area
  • <A> : Area to add paving to. Paving will replace existing paving.
  • pattern : Index of pattern - 0-Grid, 1-RunningBond, 2-Hex, 3-Tri, 4-HerringBone, 5-Radial
  • POB : Point of beginning for each area
  • length : Dimension of first or primary side
  • width : Dimension of second or secondary side
  • steps : Number of steps if required (like in Running Bond or Herringbone)
  • seam : Size of seam in inches. Larger seam will not cut into paver dimensions.
  • rotation : Number of degrees rotate the pattern
  • <A> : Area with pavers added (replaced)
  • pavers : paver shapes


add paver texture
Adds a randomly scaled texture to paver meshes within given scale range. Best with square images.
  • paver meshes : meshes describing pavers
  • min scale : minimum random scaling