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What can Topo Kit do? 

Topo Kit is a parametric topographic design toolkit that utilizes multiple forms of geometry to build a smooth, high quality topographic mesh. The methods for constructing topography through contours limits a designer’s ability to iterate effectively and modify the topography when changes are needed. Topo Kit’s workflow and processing speeds eliminate this problem. Not only can the designer choose the types of geometry they use to construct the topography, but they can also integrate topographic features, such as walls and curbs, into the process to directly to ensure their topography is automatically changing according to those features. 

The entire process runs in unison making iterations and updates easy by just adjusting the input geometry and refreshing the process. The workflow also allows for targeted modifications using boundaries to limit where changes occur to maintain an unchanged context around a site of intervention.

Basic Workflow

Topo Kit uses a variety of unique data-rich geometries and geometric instances :
  • Geo Sets: Collections of geometry composed of any combination of Breaklines, Spots, Contours, or meshes/surfaces.
  • Features: Topo features include Walls, Curbs, Curb Cuts, Stairs, and Paths.
  • Topo Instances: The topography in data form.
  • Areas: Surfaces or Breps in 2D representing the material designations on the topography.

There are other modifications you can make to the features, geo sets, and topo before “drawing”, or visualizing, the topo which are provided mostly by Land Kit pro components.

The most basic workflow, as described in our starter video below, shows you how to set up these the data rich geometries and geometric instances to produce a visualization of the topographic design.

Starter Video

This quick video introduces the basics you need to make your first Topo Kit design in less than 10 minutes.

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