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Topo Kit is a Grasshopper plugin created to make topography design make more sense. By easily creating and modifying features in the landscape that help to define topography you can avoid the sticky problem of creating and recreating models with contour drawings. 

What should this tool be used for / what can this tool do? 
Topo Kit allows you to build great topography in Rhino and Grasshopper. This computational toolset…
It will change the game as to whether you are working in 2D vs 3D. That won’t be a question anymore. 
Set the grades of the features that you know and work out from there. Don’t start by drawing all of the contours first. Topo Kit will help you discover contours.

INSTALL Plugin (requires license key)

Topo Kit Starter Video

Quick Intro

There are some key things to understand about Topo Kit:

  • Topo instances are created from collections of geometry called Geo Sets”: contours, spots, breaklines, and boundaries.
  • Modifications can be added to a Topo along the way with new geo sets
  • Topo is drawn at the end, allowing you to change the resolution of the whole thing.
  • Topographic Features can be added like walls, curbs, stairs, and paths.



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