Output Transforms Architecture Virtual Working Group

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Alex Fry & Kevin Wheatley - Working Group Co-Chairs
Scott Dyer - ACES Staff Liaison - email
Nick Shaw - ACES Consultant - email
Steve Tobenkin - ACES Adoption/Comms Lead - email


  • Create a stable, robust, capable, and visually pleasing rendering transform to be used for ACES 
  • Correct for known artifacts when using the current model
  • Resolve design limitations and inconsistencies of current model
  • Enable diverse and unforeseen use cases with easy to use parameterized output variables
  • Simplify
  • Maintain backwards compatibility
  • Document the how and the why of all design decisions


Phase 1 - Problem Identification and Architecture Discussion
  • Summary statements
  • Refined scope
  • Rules of engagement

Phase 2 - Algorithm Development and Work
Specific deliverables to be enumerated as result of Phase 1
Will likely include CTL and/or similar reference (e.g. Python), test cases (images, colour patches, measurement techniques)

  • Documentation, including:
  • detailed meeting notes
  • research/test results
  • rationale and design decisions
  • guidance/tutorials


Working Group Proposal Form

This is the proposal form that formed this working group.

Output Transform Test Images Submission

You can upload any image files that you think would be useful for this group to have access to for testing and development of output transforms. 

Spreadsheet for tracking image filename, origin, and other information
Access/view the files: Output Transform Image Submissions

Background Information

An external Dropbox Paper site highlighting the processing steps in the pre-1.0 ACES releases and comparing some images rendered through them.