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Meeting #59, June 29th, 1pm PT


Alex Fry
Kevin Wheatley
Scott Dyer
Nick Shaw

Lars Borg
Daniel Brylka
Chris Clark
Michael Parsons
Joshua Pines

Meeting Notes

  • Kevin Wheatley: Not many updates this week. Still waiting for pilot group feedback.
  • Scott Dyer: I am ready to send out the wider announcement. We should hear back from Josh first.
  • Joshua Pines: Those who don’t know DCTLs could use more specific instructions about what files go where. And on Unix the folder starts with dot, so is hidden and you can’t easily drag and drop. Need simple instructions to help colorists. We eventually got them to show up, and the picture changes, but they all look the same. It must be us doing something wrong.
  • Alex Fry: I’ve seen it apply the shaper and fail to find the LUT and fail silently.
  • Joshua Pines: Maybe. The shapers are inline in the DCTL, but the LUTs are externally referenced.
  • Nick Shaw: Was there any info in the Resolve logs?
  • Joshua Pines: There were no no pop up error windows, but we didn’t check the logs. But maybe it's just us.
  • Alex Fry: Other's have reported success in Resolve, but they may be on Mac. Perhaps its a Linux issue. Baselight people have had success on Linux.
  • Nick Shaw: We could clean up the ReadMe a bit. It includes irrelevant stuff about IDTs copied from the Resolve manual.
  • Scott Dyer: We'll do a few last tweaks and then put it out later today hopefully.
  • Kevin Wheatley: We also plan to go the the historical meetings and writing a summary. Also we should make a block diagram for the parts that are common to whatever we do, To remember all the parts we need to do. The obvious one is the encodings. Some of the existing ones blend parts together. We should make a segmented block diagram, even if implementations may optimize.
  • Scott Dyer: We have some parts as existing CTL. But what are we lacking in the current CTL? We should write down what modules we need – EOTF, primaries, full to legal, etc. I imagine we make common presets, but make it easy for people to make custom ones. It's not consistent now. Also order of operations, because some clipping and scaling is in the wrong order. And there is the scaling and roll off for different white points.
  • Scott Dyer: That is inconsistent, and has hard coded magic numbers. The calculation should be in the code, so it could adapt to other cases.
  • Nick Shaw: Where there is roll off there is a balance to be struck between how much is in the scaling and how much in the roll off.
  • Scott Dyer: We need to decide the behavior and put it in the code.
  • Nick Shaw: We should also discuss what doesn't need to be in there. Is the full to legal in the CTL ever used? That is not normally used, because it's done by the app for SDI output if needed.
  • Scott Dyer: It doesn't hurt to include it, but we could take it out.
  • Joshua Pines: I agree it should happen at the video card. But a few studios bizarrely demand legal range deliverables. But it's a shame if it has to be part of the default package.
  • Scott Dyer: Some people may batch script ctlrender, so need it included.
  • Nick Shaw: It could be a separate CTL people could include in the pipe, rather than be in the Output Transform CTL.
  • Chris Clark: We have a colorist in Korea who has offered to translate it into Korean. Has translation come up? Colorists are the best people to translate. Can you make one page for the form, so he can look at it.
  • Scott Dyer: We can duplicate it and share it with him.
  • Kevin Wheatley: We've been remiss not considering translation.
  • Joshua Pines: Translation should be raised with the TAC.
  • Chris Clark: APAC countries tend to need translation. Other countries seem ok with English.
  • Nick Shaw: I dropped a PDF of the form and the SDR only one in the chat. We can post in English for now, and ask on the ACES Central post if anybody can volunteer to translate.
  • Scott Dyer: I'l make a Miro of the parts I think we need.
  • Kevin Wheatley: The old Miro is cluttered. We have TAC meetings coming up. Can we get feedback in time to report to them? The TAC also clashes with SIGGRAPH.
  • Alex Fry: I can put together a slide deck to report where we are to the TAC. I can't think of any questions for them.