1. Start Here: Cardboard Companion Case-Study

Table of Contents

  1. UX Writing Solutions


  • The team at Cardboard Companion audited the board game app space and discovered that other board game apps lacked intuitive flows and modern design. 

  • On top of that, users needed to use multiple apps to track their stats, tools and so on. They didn’t have a cohesive experience. 

  • Cardboard Companion is the one-stop app for board gamers to keep a library of their games, use helpful tools during gameplay, record their stats and find Meetups to expand their network. 

My Role

  • Write the UX, app store and web copy for Cardboard Companion
  • Develop clear and consistent copy and codify it in the Voice Guide 
  • Collaborate with designer and developer to ensure that design and copy worked together intuitively