3. Create taxonomies for features


Cardboard Companion has a lot of features to offer. We had to organize it in an intuitive way.


1st iteration

We divided our taxonomies like this:
1st Nav Bar

One of our biggest questions was: 

Where do we put Score Keeper, Gameplay History and Record New Play? 
  • Score Keeper and Record New Play perform the same function
  • All 3 could belong with Tools or Profile


2nd iteration

  • Rename Tools to Play to encompass everything you do while playing a game. 
  • Place Gameplay History in Play section

2nd list

2nd nav bar
2nd app

When we launched it on Test Flight, people said it was still too confusing to tell where they could find what. 


3rd Iteration

  • Add a 5th category–Stats.
  • Also changed Home to Explore


3rd nav bar