6. Tooltips and instructions for in-app features 


Many of the tool tips describing the features needed to be clarified with more accuracy and concision.


In feedback, people shared that they didn’t know they could slide the numbers. So I wrote copy to clarify. 

Copy may not have been necessary to explain it. An animation showing the slider move along the line could have maximized clarity. This is an example of how writers and designers should collab at the beginning of the process to maximize clarity. 


Game strategy and game rules

When Reviewing a game, there was some confusion about what Strategy depth and Rule complexity meant. It required a description to clarify each one. 


Iteration 1 (without helpful descriptions)


Iteration 2 (with helpful descriptions)


Tool instructions

The instructions for First Player Chooser (changed to Selector) needed to be more scannable


Additionally, the instructions for Score Keeper needed to be simplified

The simplicity of the action doesn’t warrant 8 words

Tap and + are easier to comprehend. 

Additionally, Add players” could appear below the plus button