🀘 so, you want to build a web app.
a discerning guide to showing you the ropes.

brief intro

this guide is my 🌱 living 🌱, ever-evolving guide on how to build a web app, since it really has been changing at a breakneck speed as long as i can remember. the idea behind this guide is to synthesize in one coherent place the myriad pieces you need to combine and understand to create a web application these days. the guide follows sort of the idea of β€œassess, analyze, adopt, avoid” that you may have seen in other tech landscape documents, with obviously my personal opinion on matters.

table of contents

  1. ​+sleeping face tl;dr​
  1. ​+flexed biceps you can do this.​
  1. ​+hammer and wrench tools of the trade​
  1. ​+keyboard how-to linux​
  1. ​+optical disk db​
  1. ​+potable water workflow & collaboration​
  1. ​+hot beverage javascript​
  1. ​+spiral notepad cascading stylesheets​ 
  1. ​+atom symbol ui​
  1. ​+framed picture the website​
  1. ​+bug debugging​
  1. ​+clamp performance​
  1. ​+joker testing​
  1. ​+spider web the future​
  1. ​+handshake resources and meetups​

October 2018, updated October 2023
(feedback welcome!)