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Plant Kit is a Grasshopper plugin that uses a parametric, data-driven approach to site-specific planting design. By encoding the complexity of matching plants to place and plants to design goals in an algorithmic workflow, Plant Kit reduces the number of parameters designers need to keep in mind. The increased ease and speed of this ecologically sensitive design enables more iterative workflows, making it possible to test diverse approaches and hone in on bolder and more creative ideas. 

Technology is never neutral. Plant Kit’s philosophy is that our planetary environmental challenges demand that we put aside the outdated notion that the aesthetic and ecological aspirations of our planting designs are in opposition to each other. By enabling designers to simultaneous encode relationships between plants and design parameters as well as between plants and environmental conditions, we assert that when we interconnect the aesthetic and ecological aspirations of our designs, we enrich them conceptually and ecologically.

The power of this algorithmic design approach is amplified by Plant Kit’s flexible outputs that you can use to quickly and easily translate your designs to documentation and visualizations using your preferred workflows in CAD, Revit, Rhino, Lumion, and Enscape.


A short starter video + workflow overview.
Documentation for all of the current Plant Kit components. 
Resources for Plant Kit learners who are just getting started as well as those advanced enough to be developing their own Plant Kit workflows.
An introductory course to the basics of using Plant Kit including the data rich geometries at the core of Plant Kit: environments, areas, and plants. You will also learn the basics of how to set the relationships between these geometries that will make your planting design dynamically responsive to your design vision and the environment.
Templates organized around a diverse set of planting objectives that you can adapt for your own projects. These templates address workflow 
Do you need to set up your environment to better contextualize your planting design? This introduction to Topo Kit covers the basics.
A collection of grasshopper tutorials specifically curated from around the internet to support your Plant Kit learning journey. 
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