How to enable Version Control
The Version Control feature is being administered and managed from the Team portal at
The Version Control system requires the setup of a storage provider (e.g. the place where all versioned assets’ content is being stored). Currently there are seven popular storage types available to choose from. Click on a link to see more details about the setup of the particular storage type:
Due to the overall complexity of the matter, the Version Control feature doesn’t provide workflows for switching from one storage provider to another. It means that all version control content and metadata stored on the storage provider you first choose cannot be transferred automatically to a new one later on. Please, invest the necessary effort to first research and test well which storage type best suit your needs before deploying the Version Control for your team to use. Be aware that we’re able to provide only limited support on storage types setup and management and cannot be held responsible for any data loss due to activities outside the functionality. It’s your responsibility to know well what you’re doing while