Amazon S3 storage setup


Amazon S3 is enterprise-level storage. It uses buckets and objects to store files. S3 can be used as a storage for Web Catalogs and Version Control.


The steps for giving access to Connecter for a bucket are:

  1. Create an AWS user for Connecter
  1. Create an Access Key for that AWS user for that Connecter can authenticate
  1. Create an S3 Bucket
  1. For Web Catalogs, configure the bucket to support public access to objects with ACLs (Access Control Lists) enabled.
  1. Create an AWS policy with permissions to access S3 with access to only this bucket. The required permissions so that Connecter can work properly are:
  1. ListBucket
  1. GetObject 
  1. GetObjectAcl 
  1. DeleteObject 
  1. PutObject 
  1. PutObjectAcl 

  1. Assign this AWS policy to the AWS user that Connecter will use
  1. Set up a storage provider for Amazon S3 in with the Access Key, Secret Access Key, Bucket Name and AWS region where the bucket is created.