Local storage setup


Local storage is a folder on the local computer or a network location. This storage can be used only by the Version Control feature. The Web Catalogs feature needs storage that can be used to share and link image URLs that will be displayed in the web interface. You need to provide a valid folder path that is accessible from all machines that will use Version Control. If you don’t, users will not have access to the versions and the Version Control feature in Connecter will not work properly.


Enter a valid folder path. 

Troubleshooting issues

If one or more team members do not have access to the folder or do not have permissions for this folder that you set up for Version Control the versions will not be accessible. In the screenshot below you can see what will happen if they open the Version Control Details when they don’t have access to the folder.

To figure out what is wrong you can do the following:
  1. Copy the path that you have set up. In our example that is \\file-server\public\connecter_storage
  1. Open Windows Explorer
  1. Paste this path to Windows Explorer

If the person doesn’t have access to the folder you may see something like this:

In the screenshot, you can see an error message saying that the user doesn’t have access to the folder that we have set up. 


Make sure that the person has access to the folder and has permission to read and write files to this folder. Contact your system administrator to perform the necessary configurations.