Events Mobi features

Before the event

To do
  1. Send the letter to all the participants, about testing the new app, and offer them to download it and register
  1. Place banners with QR for downloading the mobile app on event

QR for the links above


Q&A Session

Before the event
  1. Activate the Q&A Session for the talk in admin. Event Agenda→Talk list → Edit talk. 
  • From the moment switch is turned on, Q&A session is alive until the end of the event.
  • 💡 Generate a QR from the link above, so audience could quickly get directly to the session.
 2. Post one or more questions before the talk to warm up the audience.
On the event
  1. Event organizer or Speaker should notify the audience, that QA Session will be held through the app. (in web link opens only in view mode)
  • What to tell about the QA Session:
  1. Questions can be asked during the talk
  1. Vote for the best questions
  1. Speaker will answer the most popular questions after the talk (link on the web)
  1. You, as event_org and speaker are moderators of the QA session, so you can delete any question that you think is inappropriate, but remember about freedom of speech 🙂 
  1. When the talk is finished, Speaker can open the link above in the Web in Presentation view



  1. Create chat by clicking “Add chat” in admin side. Mobile app Settings →Chats

  1. Share with speakers this guide +Events mobi Chats 


Immediate voting for talks

  1. Enable push notifications for talks in admin side. Event Agenda→Talk list → Edit talk. 

  1. That’s it 🙂. Now after attending the talk users will get the notification, where they can rate their experience in five-star voting.