App Miners Call 

November 2019

Introductions (In Chat) 👋

Congrats to the November winners and Bonus Winners: 
Magic Spoon
Inner peace

Reminders 🗓️ 


  • Everything is in dry run except for App Redirect policy 
  • Awario Scoring and Common Questions (Mitchell) 

Discussion (Add here please ⬇️

  • Awario
  • Apply rules about app clones more strictly
  • Should there be a limitation of number of apps that can be submitted by a single entity or person? (E.g Arcane submitting multiple different single use apps.)
  • Do we still need dry run periods for reviewer changes? 
  • DCast, took contents from popular podcast, is there a written permission that the developer can download the podcast and use it on his website? ) Not Important


Introductions (In Chat) 👋

Congrats to all the winners and bonus winners: 

  • Congrats pDrive
  • This month’s New App Bonus winners are earning $1k in STX each for being best new app this month, below. They’re not on the website yet, but sharing here (audit until Nov 1): 
  1. pDrive 
  1. Photo Vault
  1. Secure Calendar
  1. Dclouds
  1. Compress Studio
  1. Evergreen Photos