Altering Practices for Urban Inclusion


  • 26th February at 14.00 in Brussels Royal Library chair @hulya e & @aurelie d 

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Summary of Alt_Shift* Research Group

We aim to extend the concept of practice towards critical spatial research, beyond the limitations of isolated top-down practices. Integrating social and political domains, our group frames spatial practices as diverse forms of civic-situated knowledge creation in-and-through design. A multitude of inclusive methods and actions for facilitating design empowerment is employed, which involve co-creation with citizens, other practitioners, NGOs, social and technological developers, as well as governmental organizations. We focus on urban altering practices which are situated at different frontiers including the spatial, the social, the virtual, the natural, the ephemeral and transitionary, the political, the networks, the “knowledge(s)” and the transdisciplinary. Alt_Shift acts in the situated urban contexts and agglomerations of Brussels (BE), Srei Sophon (KH), Istanbul (TR), Antwerp (BE), New York (US)… (under construction, will be ready this weekend)

Keywords: Critical spatial practice, Inclusion, Co-creation, Participation, ICT-enabled design empowerment

  • Dr. Caroline Newton
  • Dr. Petra Pferdmenges (Alive Architecture and KU Leuven)
  • Drs. Caroline Claus
  • Drs. Hulya Ertas
  • Drs. Hanne Van Reusel
  • Drs. Aurelie de Smet
  • Drs. Ahmet Gun
  • Drs. Antonio Boeri
  • Drs. Elie Daher
  • Dr. Zeynep Aydemir
  • Drs. Dieter Michielsen
  • Drs. Gorsev Argin
  • Drs. Asiya Sadiq
  • Drs. Rosie Romero
  • Anthony Aelbrecht Msc
  • Sophia Holst MSc
  • Ken De Cooman MSc (BC Architects and KU Leuven)

Friends of the network
  • Geraldine Bruyneel (SLO Brussels)
  • Doina Petrescu (University of Sheffield)

Meeting Agenda

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