The Queen of Wands
NOTES / +Tarot 

Attention, attraction, unification, collaboration


Shared Symbols

  • Pet cat

+Tarot Journal

June 6, 2020 - hopeful
  • 😺 : I’m up late and drawing this card at a time when I should be writing about a character in my +Belling the Cat • Page 1 story. The cat in the story is not dissimilar from the cat who I ask questions to through tarot. And I think she’s also not dissimilar from this Queen of Wands, or in particular the jaguar in the hands of the Mary-El card. The description in her book describes the cub as a member of +The Dark Forest, still untrained in walking through it, but in good hands. I wonder if I’m in good hands, and if those in my hands will experience them as good. I certainly relate more to the cub or the black cat than the queen, but I feel a bit of hope in the situation.


  • Light: Paying close attention. Helping others focus on the issue at hand. Getting everyone to work together. Identifying common ground. Bringing people together, despite their differences. Using reverse psychology.
  • Shadow: Being distracted, or using your charms or skills to distract others from the goal. Calling attention to yourself with negative or unhealthy behaviors. Disrupting group activities as a means of feeding your own ego.

  • Light: confident, self-assured, passionate, determined, social, charismatic, vivacious, optimistic
  • Shadow: demanding, vengeful, low confidence, jealous, selfish, temperamental, bully