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Balance, law, fairness, objectivity


+Tarot Journal Notes



  • Light: Making an objective decision. Weighing an issue carefully before taking action. Appropriately scaling your reaction to a situation. Getting all the facts. Considering evidence. Deliberating.
  • Shadow: Delivering harsh criticism. Obsessing on rules and regulations. Playing by the book even when it is destructive or counterproductive to do so. Confusing snap decisions with timely action. Playing favorites.

  • Light: justice, karma, consequence, accountability, law, truth, honesty, integrity, cause and effect
  • Shadow: injustice, retribution, dishonesty, corruption, dishonesty, unfairness, avoiding accountability 

  • Today’s card. In fairytales, those who are kind to ugly or undesirable beings are rewarded while those who reject them are punished. This is a lesson in justice: To the extent you are willing to approach the undesirable parts in yourself with love & kindness, you will be blessed.