The Magician
NOTES / +Tarot 

Capability, empowerment, activity


+Tarot Journal Notes

June 15, 2020 - tentatively ready
  • 😺: I love the art of the Magician card, and have added a 3rd row of a few new decks that I’ve been enjoying lately. I’ve drawn a string of pretty negative (or at least critical) cards this last couple weeks, mirroring my somewhat down state as we enter month 4 of the pandemic. This is the first card I’ve drawn that I’ve been able to connect with in a positive way. I’m taking the next 4 days to have a mini-retreat with myself (maybe it should be a silent retreat?) and yet another chance for me to find my “channel of divine will” or just a sense of inner peace. I’m currently deep in I Ching stuff and think there’s something clean and mathematical about I Ching that tarot doesn’t have, which is feeling pretty good to me right now.  


  • Light: Taking appropriate action. Receiving guidance from a higher power. Becoming a channel of divine will. Expressing masculine energy in appropriate and constructive ways. Being yourself in every way.
  • Shadow: Inflating your own ego. Abusing talents. Manipulating or deceiving others. Being too aggressive. Using cheap illusions to dazzle others. Refusing to invest the time and effort needed to master your craft. Taking shortcuts.

  • Light: willpower, desire, being resourceful,, skill, ability, concentration, manifestation
  • Shadow: manipulation, cunning, trickery, wasted talent, illusion, deception

  • Today’s card. A magician creates experiences of awe by steering the attention of the audience to see only what they want them to see. We can do magic in our own lives by focusing our attention on the people who show up, the projects that go through, the love + all the blessings.