Logic Pro-Setup

One of Logic’s greatest advantages lies in it’s ability to be customized; but, out of the box, Logic is “dumbed down” to the lowest common denominator. Not to worry. I’m  going to pimp your Logic install. Follow the guidelines below and you’ll be off and running. You’ve been driving an automatic, economy car. It’s about to become a Formula-One monster. When we are done, all that will be left is for you to learn how to drive it.

If you just want to skip ahead, there is a way to do this all at once. See this section under “Preferences and File Management”. 
If you do that, here are a couple things to understand about what we are changing.


  • These settings are saved when exiting Logic and applied to all sessions (globally). Opening any one of them will bring up a tabbed window in which any/all of them can be changed. Settings that I recommend as important or differing from the default values are noted below. 

  • IMPORTANT: If  Show Advanced Tools in the ADVANCED tab is not selected (and all of the advanced tools activated), the settings below will not all be available. This is the first thing you should do!


  • Right Mouse Button: assignable as TOOL
  • this is possibly the single biggest time-saver ever.
  • Select Regions on track selection: ON
  • Select Tracks on region selection: OFF
  • Fade Tool click zones: ON
  • Limit Dragging to one direction: BOTH (piano roll/score, tracks)
  • Pre-process: 1/96
  • Smooth Cycle: ON
  • When starting: OFF
  • By position if catch and link are enabled: ON


  • Sample Accurate Automation: volume, pan, sends, plug-in parameters (i.e. ALL)
  • Software Monitoring: ON
  • Input monitoring only for focused track… : OFF !!!!!
  • Independent monitoring level for record enabled channel strips: ON
  • Scrubbing with audio: ON (normal speed for both)
  • LRC-Lfe-Ls Rs
  • Use VBR: ON


  • These are important settings! Note that in Logic 10.2 they were in the “Song Settings” folder.
  • Overlapping recordings
  • Cycle off
  • MIDI: “Merge” — Audio: “Create Take Folder” 
  • Cycle On
  • MIDI: “Create take Folder” — Audio: “Create take Folder”
  • Replace: “Region”


  • Should be okay left at default values