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Ending, conclusion, transition, passage, departure


+Tarot Journal Notes

June 8, 2020 - in denial
  • 🐦: As California enters new phases of “re-opening” I’m still looking at charts that say that we’re at peak pandemic. The world feels to continue its denial of death, or maybe it’s actually a form of acceptance… let’s live with the virus and die if we must. Maybe I’m the one who, still diligent about quarantine etc, is in denial. 


  • Light: Bringing an unpleasant phase of life to an end. Recognizing and celebrating the conclusion of something. Putting bad habits to rest. Becoming a new person. Leaving one person, place, or thing for another. Letting go.
  • Shadow: Obsessing on death and dying. Refusing to give up old habits or unhealthy relationships. Insisting that everything and everyone should stay the same forever. Failing to take good care of yourself.

  • Light: transformation, endings, change, transition, letting go, release
  • Shadow: fear of change, repeating negative patterns, resisting change, stagnancy, decay

  • Today's card. Because death is not deterred by ego attachments, it's in some ways deeply trustworthy. We can cope w/ loss by meaning-making or finding silver linings, but it will likely still hurt. Death requires that we be OK w/ hurting. & With going where we least want to go.