CLF Implementation Virtual Working Group 

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Doug Walker - Working Group Chairman - email
Scott Dyer - ACES Working Group Liaison - email
Alex Forsythe - ACES Technical Lead - email
Steve Tobenkin - ACES Adoption/Comms Lead - email
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Per Approved Working Group Proposal below - (subject to clarification and change)
  • Test and and validate CLFs
  • Determine how implementation-related information be communicated to enable implementers
  • Determine the minimal set of capabilities that should be required of implementers
  • Determine if different levels/profiles of CLF support be defined
  • Determine if it would be helpful to have a "reference implementation”
  • Determine if any recommendations should be provided for how to bake CLFs into approximate representations
  • Develop recommendations for how to set and/or propagate the metadata fields
  • Determine what tests are recommended for the first plug-fest

Anticipated Deliverable(s)

  • Tests and test files, documentation, plug-fest results, code…


CLF Implementation Guide

Current CLF Specification

Specification Revision VWG

The meeting summaries and work from the previous CLF Spec Revision Virtual Working Group is archived here: +CLF Spec Revision Virtual Working Group 


Group Proposal/VWG Charter

Proposed list of test CLF files

Proposed reference target

Preliminary example of an integer test for the Preview Tier


Next Meeting 

The next meeting of the CLF Implementation VWG is scheduled for: 

Tuesday, August 25th, 2020, 3pm PDT