CLF Spec Revision Virtual Working Group 

(ARCHIVED - This group is no longer active. This page remains here for reference only.)

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JD Vandenberg - Working Group Chairman - email
Scott Dyer - ACES Working Group Liaison - email
Alex Forsythe - ACES Technical Lead - email
Steve Tobenkin - ACES Adoption/Comms Lead - email
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This group is intended to address the following: 
  • Update Academy Specification S-2014-006 to address the list of required changes as delivered by the CLF Spec / Code Review Virtual Working Group

Anticipated Deliverable(s)

  • An updated draft of Academy S-2014-006

Working DRAFT

Background Documents

Current CLF Specification

Spec / Code Review VWG

The meeting summaries and work from the previous CLF Spec / Code Review Virtual Working Group is archived here: +ACES CLF Spec / Code Review Virtual Working Group 

Python Implementation 

Next Meeting 

The next meeting of the ACESclip VWG is scheduled for: TBD

We use GoToMeeting for our conference calls and we record and then post each meeting so the community can review.  Instructions for GoToMeeting are here:

Past Meetings

Meeting #7: October 9th, 2019, 12noon-1pm PDT

Meeting recording: [here]
  • Range Node was debated; after considering a mass simplification, a rewrite, or an additional node, it became clear that a rewrite might be able to clarify the remaining misunderstandings
  • Scott will update the section and post his revision
  • An example showing why the scale set to bitDepth-1 is correct (i.e. 10-bit to 12-bit conversion)
  • Log Node
  • Scott to contact Doug off-line to sort out the remaining questions
  • Cineon Log parameters converted into the “logToLin” style will be added in an Appendix
  • IndexMap and Array element sections - group to weigh in on whether these standalone sections are still needed since details about them and their particular applications have been moved into 1DLUT, 3DLUT, and Matrix element sections