The 8 of Cups
NOTES / +Tarot 

Longing, dissatisfaction, quest, departure, withdrawal


+Tarot Journal Notes

July 8, 2020 - comfort with discomfort
  • 😺: Pulled from Brady deck. I’ve felt pretty uncomfortable about things in the world and in my own life, and the temptation is to try to fix the problems. Some of them aren’t fixable, others might be fixable but without obvious solutions immediately apparent. I read this as settling into the discomfort and letting it move me and move through me so that I can become the person who is able to better navigate these challenges.


  • Light: Wanting something better. Blazing your own trail. Realizing there must be more to life. Leaving an unhealthy situation behind. Starting your own business. Going on a retreat. Seeking the “still, small voice.”
  • Shadow: Being implacable. Finding fault. Nitpicking. Refusing to settle down. Running away from problems or confrontations. Saying, “It’s my way or the highway!” Harping on past mistakes and disappointments. Threatening to quit as a strategy to get your way.

  • Light: abandonment, walking away, letting go, searching for truth, leaving behind
  • Shadow: stagnation, monotony, accepting less, avoidance, fear of change, staying in bad situation

  • Today’s card. If you want something different from what it’s been you need to be willing to do something different from what you’ve done & this isn’t my opinion, it’s reality. The thing about doing something different is that a lot of times it’s scary. Be willing to feel scared.
  • Response: “Find the liberation in walking away. You won’t experience liberation if you remain tethered to a memory. Your mind will navigate to the most frequent set of thoughts and beliefs. Thinking about it is not a sign of anything except the cycle”