The Star
NOTES / +Tarot 

Hope, optimism, openness, certainty, faith, longing, truth


+Tarot Journal Notes


  • Light: Hoping for the best. Believing good things happen to good people. Seeing events in the best possible light. Adopting a generous spirit. Seeking guidance from above. Embracing possibility over probability.
  • Shadow: Denying unpleasant truths. Denying personal accountability and saying, “Things just happen!” Ignoring signs and omens. Preferring illusion to reality. Spreading pessimism and stinginess of spirit.

  • Light: hope, inspiration, positivity, faith, renewal, healing, rejuvenation
  • Shadow: hopelessness, despair, negativity, lack of faith, despondent

  • Today’s card. If you have left something behind - a relationship, job, disorder, outgrown calling - let this be your sign to keep going. It’s normal to miss + long for the predictable + familiar, but do not mistake a deep yearning for comfort as a signal to go back. Keep going.