VIS Meeting 2020/7/10
Agenda/Minutes of the VIS Meeting
2020/7/10 14:00 - 15:00

Zoom meeting (

Participants: Takahashi, Shoda, Sato, Hirata, Tanaka, Ishizaki, Miyo, Fabin

Progress report
  • General
  • Type-A
  • Type-B
  • Started SR tuning
  • All models are restarted
  • We will start from IP diagonalization
  • Next step: Oplev diagonalization, TM actuator diagonalization, Sensor correction, Try blending
  • Type-B paper
  • Type-Bp
  • PRM guardian is updated for MISALIGN state
  • Type-C
  • Controls
  • Type-A paper
  • Electronics
  • New filter, which consists of LPF, DC-cut,  and BPF, was tested. BPF at 10kHz employed Gaussian filter to make the phase delay be minimum.
  • Go to the modification of LVDT driver in the next week.

Post O3
  • Post Obs. tasks are on going. Sensor correction and suspension update for SRs were started.
  • Submission of the plan for cleaning in the clean booths is requested by Miyoki-san who investigated and reported the present situation.

Post Obs. task
Task for O3c +Plan for the long OR brake



Travel Plans
  • Takahashi: 7/20-22

Next meeting
  • On 2020/7/17(Fri)