U.S. Orchard Planters Zoom Call • March, 17 2020

Table of Contents: 

1. Live Streaming/Online Gatherings

  • Key takeaways after week one:
  • The importance of Facebook “premiers” and being present online to invite others in when it launches - and figure out how to chat with folks.
  • The importance of professionalism and clarity with our content.
  • The importance of empowering people to take ownership of sharing content 
  • Potential metric to gauge participation: the average view online equals 1.7 real people.
  • Importance of placing giving time and other essentials before sermon, since large percentage of viewers drop off after message 
  • If possible, incorporate a chat feature with the live stream, and have leaders in the chat room as monitors to answer questions and pray for any requests that were made. 

  • Online church (Life Church’s online church platform): provides you with separate domain  to use; provides direct ways to connect (i.e. giving, connect cards, prayer)
  • IGTV: utilized in a good way for encouragement - and had great response from that.
  • Broadcasting on both Facebook Live and YouTube Live to reach a broader audience. Value in having a third streaming option for home page too. 
  • Consider the possibility of utilizing multiple platforms: Facebook live and additional options to spread out the load/make it accessible to a broader audience
  • Consider Facebook watch parties, if able to gather with others in your region; in other contexts, it might be more appropriate to only gather with your family/household

  • Things to consider moving forward:
  • Regarding vibe: is it more appropriate to try to match a standard worship service or match the living room feel/setting
  • Try to plan for the flexibility of being able to execute plans if not able to leave home 
  • If able to do baptisms in smaller setting, record and share them with church in livestream.
  • Advantages/disadvantages of prerecording or livestream:
  • Prerecording: allows to develop content in advance, if given order to not leave home
  • Livestream: better allows us to respond to changes/developments
  • Combo: prerecord, but broadcast at particular time(s) to encourage group engagement and common experience 
  • For any streaming of worship music, make sure you have a license that covers streaming in addition to the usual live performance. (Live steams are generally fine. Recorded streams usually require specific require licensing.) 

2. Communication Strategies/Themes

  • Strategies:
  • Remember the importance of professionalism and clarity with our content.
  • Short encouragements throughout week (via Instagram or Facebook) - brief word from pastor/leader
  • Since people are on their phones so much, could be worth considering investing money in advertisements
  • Not “join our online service,” but “are you feeling alone?…tap here to talk to someone”
  • Consider singles (young and old) as target audience, since they’re most likely to struggle w/ isolation 
  • To break through noise, consider posting TikTok videos on Instagram/Facebook with click through link
  • Themes:
  • Practical:
  • Educating about and promoting watch parties (if able to do within context)
  • Trying to keep people up-to-date with church service/community plans
  • Varying pastoral/spiritual care with snapshots of life at home