due to perfomance-reasons we’ve split up the single voluminous document into +UXvienna-ongoing and #UXvienna-archive

156. Interaction Design Stammtisch 12.12.2017

moderated by @Claudia O 

  • for first-time visitors
  • drinks are in the refrigerator in the kitchen
  • there is a Slack Channel contact the moderator if you want to get invited!
  • what will happen today...
  • 7pm– 9pm: short slots (30/60 min) for each topic
  • from 9pm: open discussions, get-together, focusing on previous topics, …

round of introduction
Seif - loking for people for a startup
Michael - UX strategist, moved to vienna recently, from the UK
Dorin UX/UI designer, Post
Tina, screendesigner, Octo TV
Ivo, visual designer, getting into UX
Stefan, application architect @ t-mobile
Bogdan Zenecan, UI/UX Designer

topics (3 slots, 30 min each)
  • The Values of UX (Claudia)
  • Flow - Master Thesis / Michael
  • Responsive and collaboration in agile processes (Jörg)
  • instaglot - App Idea presentation (Seif)

job offers
  • UX Designer - Tieto (ask Aneta)
  • Junior UX - Alysis (ask Wieland) 

recommended events
  • Fuck up Nights Vienna - talking about failures and learning
  • Austrian Startup Stammtisch - next week