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197. UXVienna meetup 11.5.2021 - Online!

This meetup will be held online-only.
Please register at https://www.meetup.com/uxvienna/ for the upcoming event- we will post the URL for the online conference there (we will use the tool zoom.us).


  • UI Designer @ORF, Vienna
  • Two more #UXJob opportunities in Graz :point_down:
Bike citizens are looking for UX Designers to join their team in Graz!
  • Laura: TOWA - looking for senior UI designer; can be flexibel remote work; also looking for developers (Laura: 0664 9239548 - Whatsapp or Signal)
  • Max: 2 little gigs: Usability Test with 15 participants (remote); content strategy - how to use hashtags on a webpage, structuring content with hashtags; both jobs require German; m@nofro.com


  • 12.05. Join the next Parkside live interview on 12.05., 4PM (CET). Clemens Posch talks about why you should deal with conception and design process before the actual development begins. - https://t.co/pqdpeEtjLW
  • 05.06. / 06.06.  UXCAMP EUROPE 21 - GLOBAL EDITION
  • 21.&22.10. UXCon.at; international event, 200 people, in English; in person - event; keynotes, workshop-sessions; tracks on research & on design; Indie Young, Google, … Ankerbrotfabrik/Vienna; discount for UXVienna members andreas@uxcon.at 


  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Develop your Trend Radar - Silvia Weber | Trend Thinker | Creative Strategist | Innovation Facilitator (www.strategyworkshop.at)
  • Loop theory of change by Deborah Frieze
  • Dominant and emerging systems
  • Protectors protect the dominant system
  • Trailblazers 
  • Hospice workers - help dominant systems fade out in a controlled way
  • Illuminators - operating outside of the systems
  • Recognizing signals of change
  • Quantification bias - valuing the measurable over the immeasurable
  • Short terminism (Ari Wallach)
  • FUNCTIONAL FIXEDNESS - the tendency to acknowledge only familiar functions of an object (pencil exercise)
  • Deep fakes - a technology we don’t yet know what to make of
  • Visionaries
  • Prototypes - Coroan testing station (drive through)
  • Cultural fringes - micro nations
  • Checklist: Think like
  • A BEGINNER - Is it bizarre?
  • AN ARTIST - Is it inspiring?