this is our collaborative pad for the monthly UXVienna meetups, vide https://uxvienna.at/
due to perfomance-reasons we moved everything prior 2018 2017 2016 to a separate document: +UXvienna-archive 


mini-talks: topic pool

  • …plz fill in…

175. UXvienna meetup 9.7.2019 — TechTalk

moderated by @usabilitytalks 
hosted by TechTalk

  • UI/UX Designer needed @GXperts GmbH, 30h/week. 
  • Contact: iulia.luca@g-experts.net
  • UX Designer @ ING Bank

  • WebExpo Prague, September 20-22 2019- Discount Code: uxvienna20

  • Integration of UX in a Scrum of Scrum project – Tools and Learning (by Veronika Winter, TechTalk)
  • UX World Cafe (Twitter posts include pictures of results): 

174. UXvienna meetup 11.6.2019 —  Talent Garden

moderated by @Oliver W , @wieland d 
hosted by viesure

+slides-template for moderator are available

173. UXvienna meetup 14.5.2019 — shpock

moderated by @Markus K 
hosted by shpock

+slides-template for moderator are available

topics (3 slots, ~30 min each)
  • Sascha Riemer (Shpock): building Gecko - a design system for Shpock
  • Motivation
  • Consistency
  • Single source of truth
  • Shared library in Sketch → reuseable components