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mini-talks: topic pool

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172. UXvienna meetup 9.4.2019 — Talent Garden

moderated by @Joerg L 
hosted by Talent Garden

+slides-template for moderator are available

topics (3 slots, ~30 min each)
  • #1 Design Sprint with Yellow Beam – Disrupt international money transfer
  • Aneta Rejdych, UX Product Designer at Tieto
  • railsgirls.com
  • qualaroo - customer decision analysis
  • challenge 
  • yellowbeam (Raiffeisen)
  • Workers sending money back (remittences)
  • Conversion rate problem
  • High costs
  • Research
  • People don’t want to talk about money
  • Very bad reviews for Western Union
  • Ideas
  • Yellow Beam
  • Reconnected
  • Few ATMs in Romania
  • Notifications when the money arrives
  • Notifications on the best exchange rates
  • Sender could record a short video for the sender (displayed at the ATM)
  • Connest
  • Focus on family
  • unplugged
  • Based on open bank APIs
  • Customers could log into a platform with their bank tokens

  • #2 Augmented spaces – Why space is the future of interaction design
  • Sjors Timmer, Senior UX designer at Designit
  • Constantly working at a desk - not OK!
  • David Kirsh: The intelligent use of space
  • Placing ideas in your surroundings for collaboration
  • From the workshop to daily work
  • Amazon Go - do things in the real work and programm a computer → real work objects can become computer inputs
  • Hololamp
  • Interactive light - anything can be a ui element