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mini-talks: topic pool

  • …plz fill in…

183 . UXvienna meetup 10.03.20 - Greentube



  1. Mar Creative Prism No 8 @ House of bandits

182. UXvienna meetup 11.02.20 - Certible

moderated by Markus Krupitza
hosted by Certible Austria


  • Bitpanda - looking for user researcher (bitpanda.com)


  1.  Feb UxWien book club
Leah Buley “The user experience team of one”: a research and design survival guide

  1. Mar  Get inspired - office opening hosted by Cloudflight
6. Mar UxWien Mornings @ Brotzeit

30.-31.5.2020 UXcamp Europe @ Berlin - Registration for Ticket Lottery THIS WEEK! 


Intro by Certible - by Alexander Feder, Certible
  • certification company

Don't plan, experiment: a guide to lean product creation - by Albert, Lightning Beetle
  • wishare (startup)
  • social platform, users can add wishes and create wishlists (2016)
  • Nobody used it after launch
  • Stop building MVPs
  • People misinterpret the concept
  • → MVPs were never meant to be a product
  • Stop planning, start learning
  • Start learning as soon as possible
  • Project Nightcards