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mini-talks: topic pool

185. UXvienna meetup 12.05.2020 - Online!

This meetup will be held online-only.
Please register at meetup.com/UXvienna - we will post the URL for the online conference there (we will use the tool zoom.us).

Online Discussions & Q&A


  • University of Vienna is looking for an expert in the fields of usability, design and acessibility - for u:space, our portal for students, teachers and staff. 
  • If you are interested, please contact us, since the opening is not yet online: usability.slw@univie.ac.at
  • XXXL digital is looking for: UX Lead, UX Designer, UX/UI Designer - please contact Michael per Mail or LinkedIn(profile not updated..)

Events (online)


  • Biggest problem for projects: prioritizing features
  • How does it work?
  • Gut feeling
  • copying competitors
  • Marketing research
  • ROI calculations
  • Focus on features instead of benefits
  • Why is it a problem?
  • No USP for the product
  • Useless extra features
  • Endless debates, development without direction
  • Fragmented product offering
  • Approaches
  • Mental models (I. Young)
  • Diary study