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224. UX Vienna meetup 08.08.2023, on-site at Digitalberatung

Please register at https://www.meetup.com/uxvienna/ for the upcoming event.

Events & Conferences

  • 29.8. - 30.8.2023: Web Accessibility in Mind Conference. Online, free, recorded sessions will be made available afterwards. https://conference.webaim.org/
  • 13.-14.9.2023 UXcon Vienna Conference https://www.uxcon.at/ - Mainstage tickets (€590) & online tickets (€190) still available



Collaboration between UX Designers and Software Engineers: Unleashing the Full Potential
Lena Schön (SQUER Solutions)
Summary: Differences in goals, perspectives, and poor communication between Software Engineers and UX Designers can negatively impact the end product. How can we create a perfect synergy between UX Designers and Software Engineers, which is crucial for creating a seamless user experience and producing high-quality projects? In this talk, we will explore various strategies for fostering effective collaboration and facilitating the creation of products that meet user needs while remaining technically feasible. Additionally, we will illustrate these concepts through practical examples of successful collaborations between UX Designers and Software Engineers.

  • Silos prevent collaboration to some degree. It is important to get exposed to other ideas and influences.
  • SCRUM does not respect UX by default.
  • Dual Track Agile does the Discovery process in parallel to the software development process.
  • UX designers are part of the daily stand-ups and other agile routines to lead the team and product towards an optimized experience.
  • What works well? Face to face meetings, acceptance criteria, and enhanced prototypes using notes
  • What helped? Hands on coding, basic understanding of the architecture, and understanding UX thinking
  • What to do? Get early feedback by developers, create a safe space for feedback, and let your designs be challenged
  • Technical constrains are part of the projects, but don’t mean that you cannot create a good product.
  • Showing a design earlier leads to people giving more feedback.

The DIGITALBERATUNG Service Design Toolbox
Raffaele Vas (Digitalberatung)
Summary: As UX designers, our main task is transforming stakeholder input into actionable output – usually in the form of a prototype. We at DIGITALBERATUNG focus a lot on that transformation process, keeping end users at the center of our attention. In this talk, we will take you through our top methods to gain a clear view of user needs – and in that way, boost your prototype.

  • The foundation is the double diamond process with UX rather at the end, but service design spanning over the entire process.
  • DB toolbox:
  • Guiding Principles: a tool to consistent experiences. Checkpoints throughout the process ensure that the product design adheres to the values agreed upon at the kick-off.
  • Service Design Blueprint
  • Core Page Template
  • Design Studio