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mini-talks: topic pool

191. UXVienna meetup 10.11.20 - Online!

This meetup will be held online-only.
Please register at https://www.meetup.com/uxvienna/events/hsphbrybcpbnb/ - we will post the URL for the online conference there (we will use the tool zoom.us).


  • Universität Wien - the UX-Team is looking for (as 2x Karenzvertretungen/maternity leave representation)
  • a portaladmin with CMS skills for the support of our portal (u:space). Jobausschreibung



  • Andras Rung: How we created a Voice prototype from scratch within weeks
  • Voice-based artificial intelligence (AI) will transform our way of banking within a few years. (Interacting with machines through GUIs is still awkward and in several situations is not effective. Voice interfaces will bring effectiveness, sales numbers and the human touch into financial situations.
  • Cortana is seen as most capable
  • Reasons to use voice assistants: simpler, quicker, more fun
  • When are voice assistant’s being used? → extending situations where devices can be used
  • Voice assistant Bank of America → big success
  • Who?
  • People with occupied hands
  • People focusing on efficiency
  • The illiterate
  • Children
  • People with poor vision
  • Problems
  • Safety
  • People don’t know the options
  • People don’t know about the existence
  • Not localized enough
  • Usecases
  • Status information
  • Task execution
  • How to build it
  • More research than usual
  • Research →. intent → scenarios
  • Tools
  • Botsociety
  • StoryboardThat