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166. UXvienna meetup 9.10.2018 — willhaben

+slides-template for moderator are available

topics (3 slots, ~30 min each)
  1. “Feed me” - Verena Artinger (Head of UX at willhaben)
  1. Co-designing with users - Rosana Báthoryová (UX designer at Slovak Telekom)
  1. Highlights of the UX Australia - Bernhard Ferro (Service Design Lead at Tieto Austria) → prosponed

help us taking notes of the mini-talks here — during the meetup, collaboratively

  • 17./18.10.2018 World Usability Congress (Graz) 
  • (2 days, full congress ticket ~950€)
  • discount code: push18oykFjSHuxvienna, free ui cards raffle coming up!

  • https://uxpressia.com - online tool for customer journeys / personas / impact maps (free plan available)

job offers
  • My CX team at the UNIQA Insurance Group is looking for a new team members. This might be you 😉 Check out this role description and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: https://www.karriere.at/jobs/5386340 
  • Tourradar - UX/UI Designer

Feed me - Willhaben - Johannes Burger, Marina

Pain points: Static app start page & no relevant user content
Design Sprint 
  • 1 day workshop: cross-functional team - Ideas, Ideas, Ideas
  • new app launched
  • what do we want our users to see when we launch the app?
  • suchagent
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