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mini-talks: topic pool

188. UXvienna meetup 11.8.2020 - Online!


187. UXvienna meetup 14.7.2020 - Online!

This meetup was held online-only. 
We did an Open Space Session.

186. UXvienna meetup 09.06.2020 - Online!

This meetup will be held online-only.
Please register at meetup.com/UXvienna - we will post the URL for the online conference there (we will use the tool zoom.us).

Online Discussions & Q&A


  • University of Vienna (customer self service) - contact Sarah Pötzelsberger


  • UXRConf Anywhere
  • UX Wien Book Club (18.6.)
  • UxWien Mornings (3.7.)


  • Cookpad - fix the food system
  • NYT - a tech company
  • The heart: editors
  • Design of editoral products
  • Formats
  • Wellness section - blog
  • Technology first approach to innovation using Fitbit
  • But: people start by “How to …”
  • Using a need instead of technology
  • Formats are scalable → How to sleep better, be better at parties
  • Editorial Prototyping
  • NYT Home page
  • Many powerful stakeholders
  • Many user needs
  • Catch up with the news