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mini-talks: topic pool

  • …plz fill in…
  • Human Security and Trust.

177. UXvienna meetup 10.9.2019

moderated by Claudia ( @usabilitytalks  )
hosted by Digitalberatung



  • Host introduction Digitalberatung
  • Case-Study Digitalberatung (Melita Balaski & Raffi Vas)
  • Sonepar - biggest supplier of electronics
  • Approach
  • Design Principles
  • 4 design principles
  • Working with benchmarks
  • Dashboard Design Benchmarks
  • Benchmarks are impossible to reach
  • Hacking Power BI
  • UX Testing
  • Many action items discovered → almost all them were done by the developer
  • Designers expect developers to understand UX and developers expect designers to understand the technicalities of their platform. The back and forth of this is embodied by the dreaded hand-off. 
  • Current tooling already makes the hand-off simpler and quicker. But, it also requires one role to know more about the other. Are the roles slowly fusing into a new one, ‘the devsigner’?
  • Allard will take you on a journey in a quest to eradicate the hand-off. What would a hand-off look like if there wasn’t one? What if a designer could influence production code? What if a developer could iterate the way a designer does? Is the future really that far away?
  • How can we scale design?
  • ADG
  • Atlaskit atlaskit.atlassian.com
  • Build and design tooling
  • Sketch plugin
  • Helping internal teams build programs
  • The Handoff
  • Challenges
  • Communication
  • Inconsistencies
  • Scaling
  • Learning a new shared language
  • Static tooling