this is our collaborative pad for the monthly UXVienna meetups, vide https://uxvienna.at/
due to perfomance-reasons we moved everything prior 2018 2017 2016 to a separate document: +UXvienna-archive 


mini-talks: topic pool

  • Wieland: »UX & Comix What we can knock off from comix…«
  • 20190203 wieland - - meanwhile, my talk could fill 30 minutes too. if it fits well for you, i take a whole talk.

moderated by @Adrian B @Claudia O 
hosted by mySugr, trattnerhof 1, 5th floor, 1010

+slides-template for moderator are available

topics (3 slots, ~30 min each)
  • somebody from mySugr 

job offers
  • feel free to offer

  • plz fill in …
  • Design Conferences Guide 2019 (UI, UX, UXR, PD) google-doc
  • … or short impressions of past events

  • help us taking notes of the mini-talks here — during the meetup, collaboratively…

moderated by @Oliver W
hosted by anyline, zirkusgasse 13/2b, 1020

+slides-template for moderator are available

topics (3 slots, ~30 min each)
  • peter knobloch (institute of design at the university of applied arts) on »promoting use cases and functionality within user interfaces« (slides)