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215. UXVienna meetup 8.11.2022

Please register at https://www.meetup.com/uxvienna/ for the upcoming event.

Events & Conferences

  • 10.11.2022 World Usability Day 2022 - Theme: Our Health


Books Recommendations from the Round of Introduction

  • Lean UX
  • Competing Against Luck - Clayton M. Christensen
  • Building a second brain
  • the chaos machine, max fischer. also as youtube video
  • 100 things every designer needs to know about people (Susan M. Weinschenk)

Bring 2 Slides

  • Michael - Priorization
  • RICE Scoring - which story should be implemented next
  • before - 2 dimensions: UX/value and cost → was a good starting point for a discussion
  • Challenges with RICE? a lot of data needs to be collected, very strict / “to scientific” - no discussion 
  • after the implementation - not to many checks done → goal to increase it
  • must have, should have, could have, not have
  • Mandana - Futures thinking & UX
  • Goal: “approach to forecast potential futures”
  • Signals → Trends & Drivers → Forecasts → Scenarios
  • Ask yourself many questions… how might this scenario influence my industry, my users, etc.?
  • Discussion
  • enterprise UX - focus more on sustaining innovation and not so much discruptive innovation
  • Tugyan - Contract question “Konkurrenzklausel/-verbot”