[Squad Spec Example] Todoist: Streaks 2.0
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Help users to create a habit of getting organized



Web only 

• Change to the productivity icon: the pie chart.

• Changes to the producitivity popover: the 3 tabs instead of one.

• Adding compact views

C4 (Suggestions):

• Improving V1 on the web and porting the work to Android, iOS and Windows.

• Polishing animations

• Optimizing growth levers 

• Making the congratulatory copy dynamic

• Improving time off/vacation mode

• Work on producitivty prompts

• Work on illustrations for the badges (daily/ weekly goal complete, daily/weekly streak records, karma level up)

• Illustrations for when a user reaches a different karma level

Proposed Timeline - C4

  • Scope prioritization, design exploration and spec creation. 
  • Implementation
  • Beta Testing

Current use of Streaks

User Map

  1. User sets goals:

  • How do we motivate users to set goals?