Public: Marketing Team OKRs Q2

Key Results
Reach a larger audience with our tips for social media
  • Double-down on content flipping by updating the date/content on our top 25 posts by impression
  • Grow average sessions per new post published within 1 month by 30%
  • Measure and grow average comments per post by 100%. 
Bring more blog readers to using our products
  • Track and understand the conversion flow for every post and CTA on the social blog 
  • Run 1 experiment a week that aims to convert more people to sign up to Buffer. (e.g.: copy changes, specific landing pages, etc.)
  • Focus on Buffer for Business trials first and foremost with CTAs, establish trial starts baseline and set growth rates
  • Get 550 trial starts from Social blog
When people think about companies that are some of the best on Medium, they should name Buffer as the #1 brand that comes to mind
  • Grow our monthly reads by 60% MoM
  • Create a content calendar via Trello of 3 posts published a week with having content scheduled 2 weeks in advance at end of May
  • Run a new experiment on Medium every 2 weeks and track progress in a spreadsheet (e.g. trying to increase recommends, shares, more publications to get into, etc.) 
  • Secure and active domain and make designs and landing page improvements by May 15
Turn the Open blog into the #1 publication people go to for advice on company culture, transparency and company building 
  • Figure out team setup by 25th of April
  • Set down a clear editorial calendar of at least 3 posts a week with 2 weeks of posts planned out by end of May
  • Run 1 experiment a week to grow Open blog subscribers to 20,000 and blog sessions to 175,000/month 
Experiment with new marketing channels

  • Attend or make plans to attend 3 marketing conferences with booths/speaking opportunities and track/measure results
  • Publish 6 specific landing pages to help explain Buffer, feature key content
  • Run 1 sprint for a mini-engineering project (e.g. social media image size overview, facebook algorithm timeline; inspiration: Moz