Personal Exports

Partner Toolkit

July 2021

The UK has now left the EU and there are new rules for travelling with food and drink containing meat or dairy and plant and plant products.
This digital partner toolkit is designed to raise awareness of the rules of carrying food and drink, plants and plant products when you travel to the EU. Below you’ll find some assets available to you to download and share with your networks.
We have included a link to printable posters, social media statics and a social media video.
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If you have any further questions about the partner toolkit then please email us at

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The Defra Team

In this toolkit you will find:
  • Digital statics for social media
  • A video for social media 
  • Posters

Please note that these assets are updated periodically by the digital team to ensure they are up to date so please make sure you always return to this page and download a new version of the video you want to use each time, rather than storing it on your local drive and reusing.

Download all assets here:

Digital Statics

Download all digital statics here:

Drink Products:

Plant Products:

Food Products:

Social Media Video

Download the social media video here:


Download A3 and A4 posters here: