Ordering Splitflap v0.5
The instructions below will walk you through ordering all the parts (excluding common tools) needed to build a splitflap v0.5 display with 4 modules.

Ready to assemble? Jump ahead to +Splitflap Kit v0.5 Assembly Instructions 

Please leave inline comments below if you have any questions or come across anything that looks incorrect!

If you are interested in building a display with more than 4 modules, please see the notes at the bottom of this document about how the controller PCBs can be chained together for up to 12 modules controlled by a single Arduino Uno. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me (scottbez1 at gmail or just mention me @Scott B in a comment on this doc) and I would be happy to give you some tips and help make sure you order the right parts.


Order laser-cut parts

  • Go to Ponoko and sign up for an account.
  • First time Ponoko accounts may receive a $20 off discount, though it must be used within 10 days of opening account.
  • Click on "Make a new design" and upload the SVG file.
  • Add materials and select the following options when prompted:
Selection (MDF)
or, Selection (Acrylic)
Material Type
MDF - Natural
Acrylic Black (Matte 1-Side)
3.2 mm
3.0 mm
Material Size
Important note if using Matte 1-Side acrylic: make sure to put a special request in the shipping instructions to engrave on the glossy side! This will ensure that the nice matte finish ends up on the outside of the design.


Order hardware

Note: AliExpress listings have a tendency to change or disappear, or you may end up getting a different or inferior product even if you use the same product listing that has worked before (ask me how I know 🙁). These are suggestions only - they worked at one point but there is no guarantee you will get the same quality product when ordering again! Also, if you've never ordered from AliExpress before, keep in mind that most items will take 3-4 weeks to arrive; you can often find similar parts for a higher price on Amazon or ebay if you'd prefer faster shipping.

Links with a have been used successfully in the past, links with a have not been tried. Please comment inline below if you’ve used one of these links successfully or unsuccessfully and I’ll try to keep this updated.
12V 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor

30cm Male-to-Male Servo Cable
AliExpress (10x per order)  
Amazon (10x per order)
Only need ONE order - each is 10 pieces
M4 x 10mm ISO 7380 bolt
SUGGESTIONS WELCOME - leave a comment here

AliExpress (50x per order) 

AliExpress (200x per order - way too many)  
Make sure to get ISO 7380 bolts - other bolt head shapes may be too large for the design.
M4 nut (hexagonal)
SUGGESTIONS WELCOME - leave a comment here

AliExpress (100x per order)