Ordering Splitflap v0.7

The instructions below will walk you through ordering all the parts (excluding common tools) needed to build a splitflap v0.7 display with 4 modules.

Ready to assemble? Jump ahead to +Splitflap v0.5/v0.6/v0.7 Assembly 

Please leave inline comments below if you have any questions or come across anything that looks incorrect!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me (scottbez1 at gmail or just mention me @Scott B in a comment on this doc). Or, join the new Slack group, to discuss or ask questions from the wider split-flap community! (it’s still new, so it may be a bit quiet, but don’t be shy!)

😩 Feeling overwhelmed by this document? I don’t blame you, there’s a LOT here… So I put together a much shorter document that favors simplicity over comprehensiveness/lowest-cost, for people in the US: +Splitflap Ordering (the “easy” route) 

💡 There are 2 alternative options for electronics - the Classic Controller based on an Arduino Uno and the Chainlink System based on an ESP32. Make sure you pay attention to avoid ordering unnecessary items for one or the other. The Classic Controller has been around longer and has more extensive documentation, but the Chainlink System is a lot more powerful and expandable.

  1. Order electronics (pick either Classic or Chainlink)

Order laser-cut parts

There are many places you can get laser-cut parts, but I’ve personally used Ponoko and Elecrow for ordering shipped to the US with an easy online-only process. I’ve been using Ponoko for several years and they offer a lot of different material options and good quality, but recently I’ve found Elecrow’s laser-cutting service, which can be significantly cheaper with good quality (though very limited material options).

💡 Note: v0.7 laser-cut parts are not dimensionally compatible with older v0.6 or v0.5 modules! If you’re extending an older display, make sure to use the older v0.6 files archived at the bottom of this document rather than the newer v0.7 files linked here.


  • 1 module
  • 4 modules

  • Go to Ponoko and sign up for an account.
  • Upload the SVG file from above. Confirm the dimensions match the values above, and check that blue lines are set for “Cutting” and black fill is set for “Area Engraving” (or turn this off to skip engraved features)
  • Select a material - MDF or Acrylic are recommended — choose 3.0mm (0.12 inches) thickness. Make sure to check the material’s maximum size against the dimensions provided next to the file links above; some materials may be too small to order the 4x versions.

💡 Important note if ordering Matte 1-Side acrylic at Ponoko: you must immediately send special instructions to Ponoko after placing your order, requesting to have the design engraved on the glossy side. This will result in the design being correctly cut so the matte surface will be on the exterior of the display when assembled. From Ponoko support (as of 2021-05-13): 
  • The matte is [by default] cut with the matte side up (so engraving happens on this side as well).

  • If you would like to place an order and have us engrave on the glossy side, just reply to the order confirmation page with your request and we'll be sure to make note in the order details.