MGP 21 - Tornado.Cash


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Note from Ameen - I split these up into two proposals so the DAO can independently evaluate giving the retroactive grant for work already done to ship and the grant for its future roadmap. Personally I am in favor of rewarding excellent contributions after the fact, even if a grant wasn’t agreed upon in advance, because the team takes on 100% of the execution risk themselves instead of taking the money first and potentially falling short of expectations. Also in this particular case, Peppersec was a finalist for the Hopper Mixer UI RFP (MGP 9), and in taking this project on without guaranteed funding, they have demonstrated competence, initiative, and a commitment to furthering the Ethereum ecosystem. 


  • Have been running consulting company. We do research, development and security audits. Recent clients -, Vault12, LevelK,, Dragonereum, AIRA, Tatau and others.
  • Our own projects:
  • Main contributors
  • First steps
  • MolochDai did the interview for UI work. Result: went with blockX
  • Deposit works on any dapp browsers (mobile and desktop)
  • Withdraw (where the huge amount of computations takes place) works in pure mobile/desktop browsers, Tor Browser, Brave. Could be done with help of Relayer of user’s wallet account.
  • Gas consumption - 888k deposit, 692k withdraw.
  • Proof calculation time - 6 sec (with BigInt native support).
  • User Keys 10MB (zipped)
  • Telegram group with ~100 people
  • ~400 Twitter subscribers
  • > 155 deposits made, > 88 withdrawal made
  • Ecosystem contributions
  • Found double spend vulnerability for all zkSnark based mixers
  • Many PRs to snarkjs and websnark repos. Including bug fix that make it possible to calculate zkProof in Tor Browser.
  • Started conversations with major wallet providers about integrations
  • imToken
  • Trust Wallet (binance)
  • Coinbase Wallet 
  • Comparison with other mixer projects
  • Note from Ameen - This was originally a link to the WIP State of the Mixers Report (MGP 19), but as that is not yet public, if you are a Moloch member and would like to see how Tornado compares to other mixers, please DM me and I’ll share the doc with you privately.

Future Work (MGP 21.2)

  • Open Relayers’ market. We have good ideas how to solve front-running problem and make it work in decentralized manner. (1 month, $12k)
  • ERC20 support for DAI, USDC, USDT tokens (3 weeks, $9k)

Possible Future Work (out of scope for current grant)

  • Audit by independent team.
  • Research for Wallets and DApps integrations.