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Welcome to CAMPUS!

CAMPUS is a digital space created by the LANDAU Design+Technology team as a testing ground and showcase for the various tools within Land Kit. This is a space devoted to all things Land Kit, giving you the tools and knowledge you need to make the most of Paving Kit, Topo Kit and Plant Kit. Many of the reference materials and courses provided in CAMPUS directly relate to either Rhino and Grasshopper teaching files or to examples in our comprehensive CAMPUS model, which showcases all the Land Kit tool sets working alongside one another.

Explore the materials and courses available here on the home page or dive into an one of the kits below:
Topo Kit: Generate smoother topography with modification tools to make iterative topographic design simple and easy.
Paving Kit: Learn about how to enhance your paving design through tools whose dynamic uses go beyond the paving world.
Plant Kit: Data driven planting design tools that respond to a digitally created environment reflecting real world conditions.

🟥 Land Kit Pro

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As you learn about the various features of Land Kit, be sure to pay attention to component icons on the site with the red mark in the top right. This indicates components which are only available in the pro version of Land Kit. The added features in each tool set enable you to create a complete Land Kit workflow.

We are trying to provide the best tools for landscape designers and on the best possible platform (Rhino+Grasshopper).

And we have a lot of new features planned. So hop on board. Land Kit is more than a tool, it's an adventure. 🔭


Learn even more on Campus+. Get access to recordings of our workshops and more examples.

Installation and Starter Videos

Also, install using Rhino’s “PackageManager” command and search for “land kit”.

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