LAFS Release Notes

11/16/2022 (v.7.5.0)


Announcements - Added the ability to schedule announcements to be visible at a specified date and time.


Meetings - The following improvements have been made to meetings:
  • The Left Navigation Side Panel was removed from the Meeting Creation/Edit Pages to be consistent with the other admin views and builder experiences.
  • When users view the Meetings List and Meeting Detail pages, gray text displayed in meeting circles will denote meetings that occurred in the past.
  • When a meeting recording is available, students will see an indicator on the meeting and additionally receive a notification.

Faculty Section People List - Added additional filters in the People filter dropdown, including Added Late, Auditing, DC3, FERPA, General Flag, and Last Access.

Accounts Tool - Added ‘Section Owner’ and ‘Email’ columns to the results table on the Accounts Tool Sections page.

Assignments & Tests - Replaced the “Test” and “Assignment” language with actual activity titles in Activity Feeds and other student-facing interface elements. Students no longer see the word “test” anywhere in the platform unless an instructor inputs it.

My Sandbox
  • Updated Preview display behavior to open sandbox items, tests, and test questions in a new browser tab. 
  • Updated the ‘Copy to Other Course’ modal copy.

Sticky Header - Changed the appearance and functionality of the sticky header visible in assignments, discussions, and tests from a dropdown menu to a horizontal ribbon of navigation choices.

Rubrics - Reversed the display of score ranges within each criterion performance level from least-greatest to greatest-least.

Tests - The ‘Begin’ button on the Begin Test page was relocated to the upper right-hand corner to be consistent with the placement of the ‘Join Meeting’ button in the Meeting Detail pages.

About Course - The ‘About Course’ button is hidden from the interface.


Test Builder 
  • Fixed an error where selecting the ‘Group’ option in the ‘All Types’ dropdown filter displayed no questions belonging to the group.
  • Fixed an issue where points of archived and invalidated questions were modified using the Points Input box.
  • Fixed an error where the Answer Feedback tooltip did not display for questions when the ‘Per Answer’ option was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the faculty user could not drag a question outside a group when all questions were in a group.

Question Builder - Fixed an error where the "← BACK" link takes the user to the Question Bank Detail page instead of the Test Builder.

  • Fixed an error where the ‘Performance Level Description’ input allowed input containing more than 800 characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Performance Level Description’ row allowed enormous compound words to overlap text in the grid.
  • Fixed an error where criterion feedback with only a file attached omitted the file upload in the Feedback section.

Test Exemptions - Fixed an error where students with test attempts remaining displayed a disabled checkbox and tooltip explaining all attempts were exhausted when faculty users initiated batch mode.

Tags - Fixed an error where the ‘New Tag’ button didn’t display in the Tags List.

Discussion Assignments 
  • Fixed an error where enabling and disabling the email reminder setting kept the ‘Save’ button disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where previously submitted input in a reply was displayed in the text editor when replying again.