LAFS Release Notes

03/28/2023 (v7.7.0)


Grading - The following enhancements have been made to Grading:
  • Added the ability to see which students have viewed an assignment by adding an eyeball icon to the card for each applicable student’s individual assignment submission.  
  • Added the ability to see when each applicable student last viewed the assignment by hovering over the icon.


Classes List - The following improvements have been made to the Classes List:
  • Updated the Classes list view to display all terms and sections under a single course heading for the PAST, CURRENT, and UPCOMING tabs.
  • Added the ability to search or filter by term code.
  • Added the ability for faculty users to identify sections where activity weights do not total 100%.

Profile - Added the ability to input and display preferred personal pronouns.  

Grading - Added confirmation growl for submitting feedback in batch grading mode.

Messages and Feedback - Separated filters for read/unread and messages/feedback to improve filter granularity.

Question Bank Detail - Updated the information displayed when disabling multiple questions in batch mode to be consistent with that of disabling individual questions.

Moderation Tool - The following improvements have been made to the Moderation Tool:
  • Added informational tooltips to the status icons in the Reported Content list.
  • Added an informational message to the error page displayed to faculty users who attempt to view content that was reported in a message thread where they are not a participant in the conversation.

Meetings - The following improvements have been made to Meetings:
  • Added the ability for faculty users to view a count of students who attended a live Zoom meeting when viewing the PAST tab.
  • Capitalized the ‘R’ in the Meetings Option Checkbox ‘Email a reminder’ to match the title case.

Disable Confirmation - Updated the YES button to enable when ‘DISABLE’ is entered correctly in the confirmation modal.

Test Builder - Added the Title field to the Test Builder settings. 

Technical Audit - Updated the ACCOUNTS, COURSES, and SECTIONS buttons to appear in the center of the page.

Photo Approval Tool - Updated the interface to allow users to batch-review photos.

Dates Tool - Re-positioned the TERMS and COURSES buttons to the center of the page. 

Videos - Moved the ability to download a video to the video options menu.

Scheduler Tool - Re-positioned the COURSE, SECTION, and BATCH buttons to the center of the page.

Notifications - Updated the icon for notifications of discussion replies.


Preview - Fixed an issue where the PREVIEW side panel menu item was no longer selected after selecting a module to preview. 

Rubrics - Fixed an issue where the delete button was visible in the criterion builder while the associated rubric is in use.

Grading - Fixed an issue where unweighted activities in modules weren’t hidden when the ‘Hide Unweighted’ checkbox is selected.