LAFS Release Notes

6/16/2022 (v7.1)


Faculty Flags 
  • The vertical space between the “Note” field and the tip text below the “Note” text area has been decreased.
  • Added the ability to view when a flag was created through a tooltip displayed when hovering over the flag icon.
Meetings - Added a widget on the primary LMS Meeting detail page and a new dropdown on the Meetings List card ellipsis that on click, copies the Zoom meeting link to the device clipboard.
Rubrics - Added the ability for Section Owners to Preview a Rubric.
Avatar Menu Dropdown - Updated interface to reflect a design similar to Full Sail One. 
Student Dashboard 
  • Refined UI to more clearly identify activities/meetings taking place today.
  • Added a “View all (Things)” widget to all three existing Student Dashboard list widgets (Due, Meetings, Announcements) to facilitate easy access to each list.
Messages Side Panel - Updated panel to not filter out message threads where the last message sent in that thread was by the current user.
Mobile View - Removed the Enable/Disable toggle from the mobile view of each content item’s card. Replaced the toggle with a single “Enable” or “Disable” dropdown selection which appears as the top-most item in the ellipsis dropdown.
Event Audit - When the user changes one of three settings (All Participations/Active/Passive filter, Show impersonations checkbox, Items per page dropdown), the new setting will be selected by default when the user visits the Event Audit List again.
Iconography Library - The Iconography Library has been updated to the latest library edition. 
Login UI - For all tenants and available login views, the logo seen in the login page has been limited to a max size.


  • Fixed an issue where the rubric header in the student rubric view was aligned with the rubric found below it.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a Performance Level Description Detail generates an unremovable line break.
Meetings - Fixed an issue where meeting details would display recording details in an incorrect order.
Sandbox - Fixed an issue where the Edit Module Modal displays as “Settings”.
Content Recovery - Fixed a spacing issue between sentences whenever a dismissible yellow banner messages displays “It looks like something went wrong.Recover your content.” above the text editor if a backup is available.
Mobile View - Fixed an issue in the Student Grading page where the Grade/Avatar in the header should be left aligned on mobile.
Text Editor - Fixed an issue where unordered lists with multiple lines wrap around the bullet point on the next line.
Student Activity Feed - Fixed an issue where the student activity feed new test attempt text displays only the plural form.
Batch Exceptions - Fixed an issue where the user can select due dates that unlock unprocessable publish dates when attempting to grant exceptions using batch exceptions.
Faculty Avatar Dropdown - Fixed an issue where the Tools icon in the avatar dropdown is displayed in the wrong color.
People Section Detail - Fixed an issue where an interpunct would display before the user’s local time seen under the user’s name regardless if a user entered location or not on their Account Profile page.

5/20/2022 (v7.0)


Rubrics - The new Rubrics feature set includes the following:
  • Admin-level tools for creating institutionally-approved grading scales and performance level labels. Rubric scales can be configured on an institutional level and by degree.
  • Course-level tools for rubric creation and management.
  • Student-facing displays of rubrics associated with assignments both before and after assignment submission and grading, as well as rubric-based feedback.
  • Faculty-facing Preview and interactive Grading displays of rubrics for use in assignment grading and feedback. 


  • Increased email body font size.  
  • Added attachment indicator in notification emails, including feedback notifications.
Dashboard Watchlist
  • Updated the student late-add Watchlist cards to include the precise number of days since last access. 
  • Increased the inactivity threshold for inactive students to appear on the Watchlist to 168 hours (7 days).
  • Reduced the amount of time late-adds appear on the Watchlist to 2 weeks.
Dashboard Ungraded Widget - Updated the Ungraded Widget count to include resubmission.
Student Dashboard - Simplified the display of upcoming activities and meetings.
Mobile Views - Added visual updates to the mobile views for the Dashboard (faculty facing) and the Ungraded List pages.
Event Audit - Updated the Event Audit search date range to 180 days. 
Text Editor