Introduction to the FFBO & Tutorials
The Fruit Fly Brain Observatory
The FFBO aims to provide a meeting ground for researchers, including neurogenetists/neurobiologists, theoretical/computational neuroscientists to study the function of the fly brain.
NeuroNLP:  integrates biological data from multiple sources that can be intuitively queried, effectively visualized and extensively manipulated
NeuroGFX:  executable brain circuit models anchored in structural data for understanding and developing novel hypotheses about brain function
Architecture of Fruit Fly Brain Observatory
Installing the FFBO Architecture Components
Docker provides a quick and easy route to installing the FFBO components, these docker containers will be accessible by connecting to the FFBO crossbar network, and querying the components. We recommend this as the easiest way to get started using the FFBO architecture, which you can do using the following tutorials:
Building NeuroAPPs
NeuroArch Tutorials 
NeuroArch is a powerful object database, which can store neuron modeling and morphology information. We can use it either directly as a local install, or remotely through the NeuroArch Component, using a powerful JSON based query API, which we can generate using NeuroNLP.