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 5 Star Film Company Ltd.

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These are some of the Features listed on our “RightsTrade” account Site.
 At “RightsTrade” we have been vetted and deemed worthy to join the Market where these Films are listed. 

Heres the Protocol!

The Sellers can only be contacted by a previously vetted account holder from Rights Trade or any other Market Place where they list their titles. This is because they want the buyers to be vetted before multi-million dollar deals are made. 
We are confident that the smaller distributors & Film Companies will do business with us, and there are many thousands of them, many hold the Rights to big features.
So whilst we cant get anything assigned from Sony, Fox, and Walt Disney, there is still a wealth of Feature Films here, so get stuck in, and use this Form to contact, if You want to order any.     

Our Rights Management Structure Protocol requires that we establish an account for buyers at our CRM Portal.

The Broadcaster must also agree to provide a continuous Program Playlist successively for as long as the license term is active. A brief insight to the “Rights” Management Structure can be seen at the link below.
Enter our Rights Trade Account Portal as a Gust to order Titles!

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Code: Guest  55555


[Indian Television Series]

+9 Indian Soap Series 

Indian Comedy Series: !

Our Avails: Comedy, Music Videos

My Big Nigerian Wedding (Documentary Series]

+ “Light in the Darkness”  Feature Film (1.45 m)