Economics of Digitization

Project Overview: 

The NBER Digitization Project, launched in 2010, has built an economics-oriented research community that examines the causes and consequences of digitization. The research of this group has ranged widely, considering issues in strategic organization, market conduct, and the analysis of public policies. This research community has only begun to examine the impact of rules, policies and institutions that govern the economic incentives to create, store and use digital information. Click here for more on Program Activities.

Project Resources

As a part of this project, we are working on providing a number of resources to support the burgeoning digitization community. 

  • Economics of Digitization Reading List 
  • A list of essential papers in the field.

  • A list of publicly available data sources useful for digitization research.

  • A collection of syllabi from courses that focus on digitization as a topic of academic study.

  • Members of the community are involved in maintaining a Wikipedia page for the research area

  • We also maintain an unofficial Facebook group to communicate news or exciting opportunities for grants, jobs etc in the field.

Project Funding

We are grateful to the Sloan Foundation for their continued support of this program. 


Please contact Shane Greenstein or Abhishek Nagaraj for further information.