Dropbox UWP 4.2 changelog

Undo copy, delete, move, and rename actions

When you copy, delete, move, rename a file, a toast will appear. You can swipe to remove it or click undo to undo your action

Notifications view

Retrieve all your notifications in this view, including preview of comments, be able to browse a folder not in your Dropbox

Transitions and animations

new page transitions and animations based on GPU (new Windows 10 API)

new small UI for Desktop/tablet

A new UI has been added for desktop/tablet, displayed when the window width is between 360px and 500px (before: 500px was the minimum width for the app). 

This new UI will allow users to decrease a little more the size of the window and is based on the phone UI (with some little tweaks to replace the missing physical back button for example)

(the GIF has some glitches in the background, not in the real app)

New Search UI 

All results include a mini breadcrumbs, very interesting to distinct 2 files with the same name + allow you to navigate in parent folders. This new feature has been added to Offline tab too.

An other new feature is the possibility to navigate in the search, if you click on the page header, you can now select a parent folder to extend your search to this folder

New “add” button

in-app camera to take pictures and record videos + upload them in the current folder

Include comments in Recents

+include a preview of the comment

Video timestamps added to Photos view